Logistic Solution Service

Logistic Solution Service


We give logistic solution 

Logistic solution

We hereby Introduce our company which is engaged in transportation service for management freight and logistic ,then with us of introduce our service 

A. Transportation by Air and SEA of inbound - outbound Indonesia       and Import door to door by QQ 

B.Transportation by Air and Sea of interseluler Domestic 

C. Project Cargo for shipment International & Domestic :

- Oversized or overdimensional

- Out of Gouge

- Big and Heavy

- Jumbo

- Special Handling for Chemical product by Isotank and IBC Tank

D. Custom Clearance service solution

- Consultation for custom regulation

- Preparing of custom process until done

- Preparing for all document and license need of custom

- Preparing for exwork,DDU,DDP,FOB and door to door shipment.

-Custom Undername if consignee not have import license in Indonesia.

E.Buying Negotiation with buyer and seller

F.Warehouse Service

G.Shipping Agency ,Voyage Charter,Time charter ( Breakbulk Tramper:LCT,Barge,MV,Cargo Vessel)

H.Consultant of Management Freight Solution & Ship management 

I. Triangle delivery management system

J. Return Management Shipment ( For repair maintain equipment or exhibition  to overseas          system) 

K. Shipping brokers for transportation cargo International and domestic 

We look Forward to helping you for give a best service and competitive price

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PT.Bayu shipping group





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Spesifikasi container


Panjangnya          Jenis                             Ukuran                       Volume approx
                                                   (Dalam sentimeter)                dalam meter kubik
                                                 Panjang x lebar x tinggi  
  20ft            Tujuan umum                589 x 235 x 239                             33.2m3
40ft              Tujuan umum               1203 x 235 x 239                             67,7 m3
40ft            Kubus tinggi (9 ft 6ins)  1203 x 235 x 269                              76,4 m3
45ft            Kubus tinggi (9 ft 6ins)    1355 x 235 x 269                             86 m3
20ft            Lemari pendingin           544 x 226 x 227                              28,1 m3
 40ft           Lemari pendingin          1156 x 228 x 224                             59,3 m3
 45ft           Tinggi Cube Reefer        1157 x 226 x 255                              67 m3
20ft            Open Top
                 Atap aperture                588 x 235 x 235

                                                     549 x 218                                        32,4 m3

40ft           Open Top Atap aperture  1202 x 235 x 232

                                                     1187 x 218                                      65,7 m3

20ft           Rak datar (tetap)             594 x 234 x 234 *

40ft           Rak datar (tetap)            1213 x 240 x 213 *

Management Logistic